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Agritec Division is a specialized supplier of world class agricultural equipment which includes Rippers, Shellers, Planters, Combined Harvestors, Tractors and other new generation agricultural equipment.

The cutting edge of Prochoice Logistics against its local competition is the strategic intent and consistent pursuance of research and development on the lattest technology and trends in the world of agricultural equipment that yields the greatest efficiency at the least cost Our Local and imported equipment provides farmers with agricultural efficiency that yields more environmentally sustainable farming practices and realize improved yields in planting, harvesting, irrigation and other intricate processes within the plant cycle.


Ambulances-Our Ambulance conversion department is our business flagship- epitomizing our craftsmanship in vehicle conversion. Combining tested designs with forward-thinking solutions, our vehicles put you at the forefront of patient care. We build Basic, Intermediate and Advanced care(ICU) ambulance units on Minibuses, Offroad vehicles and Aircrafts.

Our latest technological advancements include units with a water running system, enhanced power voltage outlets to accommodate a wide variety of medical equipment including ventilators , enhanced wall and floor ceilings to enhance hazard and bacteria controls to mention a few.

Prochoice distributes an array of high tech products to the lighting market. All our lighting products use the 3rd generation LED light technology which is the best in the world in terms of energy efficiency, durability and overall performance.

Our product range supports the security, transport and emergency services sector.

A recent addition to our portfolio, Prochoice manufactures the following medical equipment & accessories:

• Hospital Beds
• Drip Stands
• Bedside Cupboards

Extensive Research and development has been put in place into the production of locally manufactured.

Neo Natal Incubators

  • Hydroulic Theatre Tables. i.e. general surgical tables, orthopedic tables, and radio-lucent imaging tables