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Prochoice agritec and logistics (Pro-Choice) has introduced new machinery aimed at imcreasing agriculture productivity and enhancing farmers earnings. The loccal engineering company showcased some of its state-of-the-art machinery at this year’s Zimbabwe Agriculture Show in Harare.

Prosper Muchenje, ProChoice’s managing director, said the company’s new generation cultivation rippers were equipped with technology that allows the soil to breathe, thus allowing improved plant production. Combined with robust engineering—-the highest speculation on the market — the cultivation rippers are recognized for their exceptional strength and reliability. These affective and seriously tough rippers break the pan, shatter subsoil and lift and loosen the ground, leaving and acrated but firm finish.” he said

The company also specialises in the supply of farming equipment such as shellers, planters combined harvesters, tractors and other new generationagriculture equipmentt. Muchenje said Prochoice’s maize shellers machine helps farmers to get the best from their products. “The major steps involved in the processing of maize are harvesting, drying, de-husking, shelling, storing and milling. All these processes are costly, and for rural farmers to maximise profits on their produce, appropriate technology thatsuits their needs must be used.

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