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The perennial mechanisation challenges faced by small to medium scale farmers can soon be forgotten owing to the recent development in industry which have seen local engineers adapting modern and efficient technologies for the local market.

A key player, Pro-Choice Agritec has emerged as a viable alternative to support the government’s drive to resuscitate local industry while in the same breath innovating to support agriculture. Most important to this development is the possibility to procure locally, saving the country huge amounts of foreign currency. Substituting import can mean reducing costs for the farmers, developing home grown mechanical solutions and enabling the adoption of efficiency in the agricultural sector. Here are some of the recent adaptations which have proven a hit with many farmers:

This intricately designed tough machine- ripper breaks and shatters subsoils, lifting and loosening the ground for effective cultivation. Interesting to note is the ripping capability of up to 500mm depth allowing farmers to conserve soil moisture, reduce erosion and contain soil structure. Contrary to conventional ploughing methods, the ripping mechanism ensures good soil conditions for rooting by breaking hard layers in the underlying soils, yet maintains the organic soil structure and achieving the global soil decompaction needs of the farmer.

Their Model 26000 comes with hitching capabilities for multi-tasking- the ripper can be used as a market and can also tow hitch other implements behind, e.g. roller, lime applicator, effectively performing 80% of a planter processes at 20 % of its investment and running cost.

This local design of maize shelling has great designs that include an ogre which enables the farmer to bag and package grain faster the average sheller machines on the market. This machine is a powerhouse which can shell and package upto 6 tonnes per hour as long as the grain has dried to required moisture. Other advanced models have seed graining capabilities, which can immensely benefit local seed houses. This new player in the market is carefully adopting and prototyping other implements that will transform the face of farming for the small, medium and even large-scale farmers, which has been a long time coming to bring tailor made solutions to agricultural processes.

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